Friday, 28 June 2013

The Prankster visits Changegate car park, Haworth

Changegate car park, Haworth is one of the most notorious car parks in the country. Several online forums detail the scurrilous practices of the car park operators.

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Complaints include charging for upside-down tickets, using a stooge to hand out tickets and then charging for re-use and instant tickets for leaving the site to try and get change.

The Prankster decided to pay the car park a visit. There are plenty of other car parks in Haworth; this one is opposite the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

On entering the car park The Prankster noticed the car park attendant waiting in his car.

Charges seemed reasonable.
Some of the signs were the worse for wear.

The ones detailing penalties were in fairly good nick though!

The Prankster spent some time reading the conditions, bought a ticket and then left the car park. The attendant immediately leapt out of his car, went over to The Prankster's car and inspected the ticket. The Prankster left enough leeway so that he could possibly have been charged, but the attendant behaved impeccably in this instance. 

From a discreet vantage point The Prankster watched a few other cars enter. Each time, the attendant leapt out of his car as soon as the motorists left the car park; he inspected the ticket with care.

No charge notices were issued. Perhaps the car park operators have reformed. Who knows - only time will tell. 

The Prankster noted that the car park operators were not members of any ATA, such as the BPA Ltd or even Independant Parking Committee Ltd and therefore could not get his address from the DVLA. He also noticed that the £100 was described as a penalty charge, which means that the car park operators would be on a sticky wicket if they try and enforce it. Private companies cannot issue penalties; they can only recoup amounts actually lost.

Nevertheless The Prankster thought discretion was the better part of valour. After a tasty snack in The Woollen Mill, The Prankster decided it was best to leave before he overstayed his ticket by even the minutest amount. The attendant no doubt knew to the minute when all the tickets would expire and was ready to pounce!

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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