Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DVLA caught out telling lies about PPC access...again

When asked awkward questions about private Parking Company (PPC) access to the DVLA database, it appears that the standard DVLA tactic is to make up a porkie pie which puts them in the best light and hope that no one questions them further.

Last year they insisted fervently that each PPC request was carefully validated and even stated as much on their web site. Only after concerted questioning did they finally admit that this was a figment of their imagination and correct their little flight of fancy.

Today The Parking Prankster stumbled across this little FoI gem. It would seem reasonable that the DVLA might at least bother to check that the notices PPCs were sending out to motorists were compliant with the new POFA 2012 regulations. The DVLA were keen to assert that this was so, stating that they have checked notices from all companies, although some checks might have been a while ago. When pressed to provide specific examples though, they had to swiftly backtrack and admit they made the first answer up.
No, we don't check notices
The more observant of my readers may just have spotted the tiny discrepancy between the answers. The first answer states that they check notices from all companies, with a nice little touch trying to add realism by stating that some notices were checked a while back. The second answer confirms they don't really check them at all.

Whoops. Civil servants don't like being caught with their pants down like that, so cue some more vigorous bluster on their part.
 This isn't part of DVLA'S remit but is a function of the BPA.
Aha! Well that explains everything then. Not only didn't they do it, but it's not even their job to do it. It's more than their jobs worth to actually bother checking that notices are compliant. It's much more convenient to fob this off onto a limited company funded almost completely by the PPCs themselves.

The Parking Prankster hopes that the DVLA have learnt their lesson from their latest debacle and will tell the truth the first time from now on. He isn't holding his breath though.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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