Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to claim a parking charge back from any hospital where UKPC issued the charge

If your hospital was Wycombe, Amersham or Stoke Mandeville then I have already specifically blogged about those. For any other hospital where UKPC issued the parking charge, use these instructions.

These instructions are less certain to guarantee a result, because currently you do not have sight of the contract between UKPC and the hospital in question. However, you are entitled to have reasonable suspicion that it will be broadly similar to contracts we do know about.

This blog post shows that UKPC are charging amounts they are not allowed to in parking charges, such as commission to the hospital, administration charges and office costs.

If the contract that UKPC have with your hospital is similar, then you will be able to recover your parking charges too. This may require some persistence on your part.

Step 1 is to make an FoI request to the hospital in question, asking for a copy of the car parking contract and also for a breakdown of the parking charges.

Once you have that, and it may take a while, write a letter before action similar to the one in my previous post.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

The Parking Prankster would like to thank G. Bozzino for bringing this FoI request and Philter at  pepipoo for bringing it to his attention.

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