Sunday, 15 January 2017

Why do judges do this?

Here is a typical email The Prankster receives.

Hi, I was up at court on Monday. Case got adjourned. BW only sent me their defence 9 days before hearing anyway. They asked me to name driver. Judge said she isn't going to do that. After a bit of arguing the judge adjourned it so VCS have to submit another file to say if they are pursuing me as driver or registered keeper and I have to submit a new defence as to why I think I shouldn't pay the invoice.

The Prankster has heard of dozens of cases where the hearing has been adjourned for the parking company to get their act together and file proper paperwork. Never the other way round.

Given the case is only over £100, that the parking company are spending £200 to send along a solicitor, and that BW's entire business revolves around the court process, it would seem entirely proportional behaviour to the size of the claim to dismiss it, rather than make the defendant come back another day.

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  1. It's about time that scum solicitors that don't want to fulfil their duties to the courts are stopped from abusing the courts.

  2. Its DJ Bingo!
    Do you get a DJ who is an experienced civil law barrister OR do you get a daft solicitor who used to do a bit of this and a bit of that before being made redundant?

    Remember Gary Hickinbottom used to be a PATAS Adj. He then became a DJ and then a CJ and is now Mr Justice Gary H. doing Admin Ct work.

  3. Bear in mind that despite the perverse adjournment, it'll more than likely be dropped by VCS as the costs are getting ridiculous now. If they lose, as well they ought, then you have double costs and indeed can ask for a higher award due to their unreasonable claim particulars and lack of compliance to the CPR procedure.

    Either way, if you have to go to another hearing it'll cost them dearly with further solicitor representation, and if they don't you sue them for a breach of the DPA for unlawful use of your personal details.