Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wheels fall off for Gladstones at Spinningfields site.

C7GF3R96 ES Parking Enforcement v Ms A. Manchester 26/1/17

Manchester Court heard another bumper crop of ES Parking Enforcement cases today, with 6 listed.

The Prankster assumes these are all Spinningfields cases

The first 2 were dismissed in short order, with the judge stating the defendants could not have parked, read the sign and got back in their car within the 1 to 2 minutes they were observed.

By the third case Gladstones did not want any further embarrassment. They offered to pay Ms A her parking if she would agree not to seek further costs. They tried to say that she should have notified them of her costs prior to the hearing.

Ms A declined. The case was dismissed immediately on entering the court room and Ms A was awarded her full costs.

The Prankster does not know what happened to the other 3 cases.

Prankster Note

The wheels have well and truly fallen off Will Hurley and John Davies sordid little operation.

For years they have been conning parking companies into thinking they have the perfect solution; set up an ATA devoted to finding ways to fleece motorists; create a sham appeals service which makes decisions on behalf of the parking company whatever the situation; con parking operators into using their services to take motorists to court.

While this worked to begin with, the power of the internet has let motorists find out what the proper legal situation is, and whether any particular parking charge is or is not valid. Once two or three cases have been won at any one court, the judges will get fed up with operators bringing non-viable cases on the basis they might win if the defendant is scared into not turning up, or does not realise the claim has no merit.

There is a need for good parking management.

This does not mean charging motorists £100 the instant they stop.

There is no place in this business for con-artists like Will Hurley and John Davies.

As regards todays Spinningfield cases, it would seem that all the defendants have a good case for bringing a claim for a breach of the Data Protection Act against ES Parking Enforcement as their data was not used fairly or lawfully.

Meanwhile ES Parking Enforcement may well have a claim against Will Hurley and John Davies, as their organisation vetted the signs which they use and stated they were fit for purpose. Their organisation will have also advised them they had valid claims against motorists.

ES Parking Enforcement may also want to refer Gladstones to the Solicitor's Regulatory Authority.

ES Parking Enforcement, you've been Gladstoned! Gladstoned! Gladstoned!

Will Hurley explaining that whenever a charge is issued, something has gone wrong

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Once the current round of DPA claims are decided things may well change. Over to you, Mr Wilkie.

    1. Why would Mr Wilkie be interested in that? What's in it for him? ;)

  2. I'm taking ESParking/Gladstones to court for breach of DPA. Please provide advice on my claim at the following thread: