Thursday, 12 January 2017

Planning permission 17A/0037 - Signage at John Lennon Airport

Advertising permission has been applied for 4 'No Stopping' signs at John Lennon Airport.

In what seems to be an attempt to prolong the farce for as long as possible, the plans applied for do not match the signs just erected in December 2016.

To ensure as many motorists as possible miss seeing the signs, the Airport are planning on cutting the current 7 signs down to 4. To further increase motorists chances of missing the signage, they plan to hide the first sign behind giant Welcome signs.

Any parties who wish to comment on the signs have until 2/3/2017 and can do so on the Liverpool Planning Portal.

Application: 17A/0037


  1. Welcome to Liverpool John Lennon airport. Please go directly to the exit without stopping or our agents will consider you a trespasser. Talk about conflicting messages.

  2. That link says comments closed on 5th January 2017.

  3. Checked this date with Liverpool Council - The consultation period is three weeks from the date of a Consultation Letter being sent out. The current date is a fault on the system, and will be rectified "Real Soon Now" ...

  4. Application Registered: 10/01/17
    Comments Until: 5/01/17

    Presumably Derren Brown has left comments but the rest of us are stuffed. I hope someone's taken a screen grab of that page!

  5. It is interesting that this is not, at least on the face of it, a retrospective application for retention
    of historic signage but a normal prospective application for the upcoming 5 years commencing on 31st January 2017. Question 8 of the application form asks if the signs are already in place and the answer given is "no", although the 'entrance board' drawing they show is virtually identical to the prohibitive sign erected in December.
    Question 4 of the form asks if LPA advice and assistance has been sought, and the answer given is
    "yes", so it is highly likely that this application will succeed and this will shut down any enforcement
    issues that might apply to the display of unauthorised
    signs since June 2012.
    Had a retrospective application been made for the old
    signs, the Council tells me that: "Any retrospective
    consent would apply from the date it is granted". So
    where does this leave all those hundreds, possibly
    thousands, of hapless motorists charged for alleged
    contraventions over the last four and a half years?
    No signage consent means no CoP compliance (first BPA,
    then IPC),no KADOE contract (and possibly no landowner
    contract) compliance, no POFA compliance, and no right
    to obtain keeper details. How will all these victims
    be compensated?

  6. "Where does this leave all those hundreds, possibly thousands of hapless motorists..."

    With a claim for breach of the Data Protection Act I would have thought.