Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Gladstones discontinue Heath Parade case

Heath Parade is the notorious site where Ms Sunglasses lies in wait for any vehicle briefly stopping. Gladstones Solicitors then issue a vastly inflated claim to the vehicle keeper.

Gladstones have now issued a notice of discontinuance for one of these claims. In this case the driver pulled into the lay-by for 16 seconds for a person with a mobility problem to alight. That person briefly saw signage 9-10ft up the wall and told the driver to leave, which they did.

This seems to be a pragmatic view taken to reduce their costs when the British Motorists Protection Association gets involved. They are still actively issuing more claims for this site.

A sample defence for this site is on a previous blog entry.

Data Protection

The keeper appears to have a valid claim for a data protection breach, as there was no legitimate reason to request keeper details from the DVLA. A typical amount claimed would be £250.

Parking Cowboys has written about this here.

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  1. It appears that PCM UK are not complying with the IPC's Code of Practice, particularly 13.1 (Professionalism), 14.1 (Predatory Tactics) and 15.1 (Grace Periods). Given that the IPC's CoP simply restates the minimum standards required by law, that's quite an achievement.

  2. PCM have a carbon copy of this set up round at Great Strand which is only a weasel's sneak away from Heath parade. I assisted a client here and put in a half hearted IPC defence, simply based on predatory tactics and grace periods. PCM backed off with their weasel tails between their legs even though Hearsay Hurley had guaranteed them a win. Tossers.