Thursday, 19 January 2017

UKPC - West Cumbria Hospital

Guest Blog 

Here we seem to have a variation on a theme from UKPC. Regular readers will be aware of the doctoring photographs scam where times of photographs are altered to make it appear that cars have been parked for longer than has been paid for. Readers may also note the failure of the sun to move during the day in UKPC managed car parks.

At West Cumbria Hospital one motorist paid for the correct length of stay but the ticket machine printed a ticket with fewer hours parking registered on it than had been paid for

Visiting the hospital for a baby delivery - you know how long these things take - anxious Dad paid for 24hrs parking. Well you never know with these things do you? UKPC do offer a charge of £3 for 3.5hrs but the little woman refused to guarantee a delivery to such a tight timetable? Women hey ...what can you do? Put in £5 to get a longer duration (4x£1 and 2x50p)

Got ticket - put on dashboard - dash to ward (well as much as a lady in labour can dash) and of course proud Dad didn't check the ticket. Well it's an NHS car park and they have our trust and we believe in their integrity don't we?

Happily a father later that day, proud Dad was brought back to earth with a bang when he left the hospital the same day he parked even though he had paid for 24 hours parking. Yes he had a charge stuck to his car because the ticket printed by the machine only gave him four hours parking despite paying for 24 hours.

Anyone else also caught out by a faulty machine at West Cumbria Hospital have a rant at the new CEO  and point out just how faith in the integrity of his Trust could be diminishing by the day whilst they keep with UKPC.

This won't be the last disgruntled motorist using this car park. You see I can see into the future.

Prankster Note

The Prankster gets a large amount of mail from people who purchased valid tickets but due to some fault or other of the ticket machine still get issued a parking charge. it seems the worse maintained the machines are, the larger the profits of the parking company.

UKPC are not the worst company for this - Excel Parking Services appear to run the shoddiest ship.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. This is easily fixed, you get a ticket as you enter and then pay when you leave. Always works for me.

    1. And just where is the profit for the scum, sorry PPC, in that type of system? Some people eh. :)

  2. Maybe get the local trading standards to go, park and buy a ticket

  3. There is now a petition to get rid of UKPC (I just hope it works).

    Please sign and help us get rid of this lowlife vermin

  4. In the area for those visiting the mortuary a car was ticketed today. For some reason the family visiting the mortuary had only the thoughts of their loved on on their mind when they parked. See its easy to issue charges at a hospital. I am surprised that it took PPCs so long to work it out