Monday, 9 January 2017

DVLA audit report on UKCPS

The latest audit on UKCPS contains the following

I am writing to confirm my decision as Senior Information Responsible Owner (SIRO) at DVLA on your suspension from access to DVLA data.

I have reviewed all of the information from the audit site visit and can confirm we will reinstate access for UKCPS to request data from the DVLA. This is dependent on the points below:

Conditions of reinstating access to personal data held by DVLA:

Your ATA membership-must be fully reinstated immediately in order for us to commence any reconnection work.

A further audit will be carried out in 3 months time. Any breach of the conditions of the contract or further issues reported to the DVLA during the time you are reinstated and the next audit will lead to a further suspension of 6 months.

Any issues arising from the audit will lead to a further suspension or even termination of your contract with the DVLA.

Enquiries for alleged offences which took place during the period of suspension from 13 October to 19 December cannot be made.

Anyone who knows of any breaches by UKCPS should report these to the DVLA.
Complaints Team

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Most if not all of UKCPS's signs are forbidding which means there is no contractual relationship. Nothing is offered and most signs say something like "Permit Holders Only" which forbids parking as a non permit holder.

    The consequences of that are that most NTK's have been obtained without reasonable cause which is worthy of a DVLA complaint as well as a claim for breach of the DPA.

    Let's kick some arses

  2. one of their wardens kicked my dog , good enough?

  3. During their suspension period they were still sending out letters claiming to have electronic access to the DVLA database of registered keepers and to be accredited AOS operators with their ATA. I wonder if the DVLA would be interested to see this?

  4. but they were accredited AOS operators , suspended , but accredited

  5. Hi I have a ticket from the today??? Can they et my details from deal?? �� Should I pay this ticket?

  6. Received a ticket from them the other day, pay or ignore?!

  7. Just sent information on an illegal £100 UKCPS ticket charge issued in front of Brudnell Social Club after 6 pm when no charges are payable! I've also sent my counterclaim for expenses incurred as a result of their 'parking charge' UKCPS CEO I'm sure he'd love to hear from you as well.