Monday, 30 March 2015

DEAL fail to turn up. Judge awards costs of £190

DEAL failed to turn up to a hearing today, possibly in Norwich.

The judge ruled it was unacceptable behaviour on the part for DEAL for 
a) not attending the hearing 
b) filing the discontinuance with the defendant in the 11th hour. 
c) not filing the discontinuance with the court

The defendant was awarded costs of £190.

Prankster Note

This looks like the latest sneaky tactic of Gary Warne and Ashley Cohen, who are apparently the controlling minds behind DEAL. By filing the discontinuance with the defendant, they hope that the defendant does not turn up at court. Faced with a no-show on both sides, the judge may well just strike the case out, or best case, rule for DEAL on the paperwork. This time they came unstuck with a judge who knew the rules on allowing costs for unreasonable behaviour.

The Prankster has so far never heard of a case where DEAL have turned up. Were you 'the one'? If so, contact the Prankster. If not, don't forget to inform the government survey about this sharp practice and mention that DEAL and Civil Enforcement Limited appear to be the same company and the controlling minds appear to be Gary Warne and Ashley Cohen.

Happy Parking

The parking Prankster


  1. I'll send you the official paperwork once received! Thanks for being their for so many people and helping us fight these bullies!

    Much appreciated!

    1. well done or standing your corner

  2. If nobody turned up, it might well go undefended and just get judgement by default. But enforcing it would probably trigger a set-aside, and with the documents sent to the claimant may end up with serious do-do on DEAL's part.

    1. I had every intention of turning up as sure they wouldn't. They failed on so many levels, no DQ copied to claimant, paying court fees late - was a wonder it got as far as a hearing! My defence was a mute point was they had failed on so many points of the court process.

    2. Wasn't saying you wouldn't :) Always best with these jokers, just musing on the potential outcomes if you didn't :)

  3. Gaz & Ash, Aberdeen for you two tomorrow. You might want to break the habit of a lifetime for this one ;-)

  4. well heres a funny one for you ,

    Civil enforcement have not checked into court , the bailiff/usher has stated that they have not registered there names as present at reception , nor have any solicitor's acting for them .

    eye on the ground is catching a taxi to check this out in person

  5. "eye in the sky" reporter Tom Martin from the Scottish express has just emailed me

    CEL had an intermediate diet hearing today , this has been adjourned till mid april , due to the Scottish system , they could be as many as 2 more hearings before the court date.

    the Prosecuting "officer" has given them "excused status" today

    more to follow

  6. 8th april for plea hearing

  7. Protract the agony, just like PPC's do :-)

    1. Nah........
      bang the buggers up.

    2. I vote for a suspended sentence (by the neck, until dead).