Wednesday, 4 March 2015

CEL criminal case heard in Aberdeen

The Scottish Express has published details about Civil Enforcement's excursion to the Scottish courts in Aberdeen yesterday.

The case related to 11 counts including attempted fraud. The company allegedly attempted to deceive motorists by claiming they were liable for parking charges using laws which did not apply in Scotland.

Some drivers have been aggressively pursued even though they declared they were not the drivers. Others were told they were liable under the Protection of Freedoms Act, Schedule 4, which does not apply in Scotland.

It is not known whether CEL turned up.

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  1. its almost as if that article in the newspaper was written last week, it does,nt actually say anything apart from "there is a court case"

    in typical newspaper fashion , its forgot to tell us what happened in court and the outcome

    1:did the bosses of CEL turn up

    2:what were there names

    3:how did they plead

    4:was a sentence passed or is the case adjourned

    5:if adjourned , when will this continue

  2. and to add:

    CEL bosses did not show in court , they sent a defence team , the case is postponed until the 31st march 2015

    the equivalent of a magistrate has not put a warrant out for there arrest for failing to turn up

  3. UPDATE:

    just got off the phone to the newsroom at the scotish express:

    Scottish express are tied by laws what they can report on first appearance ,

    they knew nothing of this company and the DEAL thing

    they have now been informed of CELs activities in england , and have studied Pepipoo MSE and this page ,

    I have been promised a full report , inc the activities in England will be in the paper , and very possibly the English express as soon as possible after the trial

  4. Scottish express have now removed the comments