Sunday, 8 March 2015

DEAL struck out in Halifax

Yet another DEAL claim has been struck out.

This one was in Halifax and was struck out for failing to pay the hearing fee. This seems sensible on the part of DEAL - after all, if you have no intention of turning up to a hearing, why pay the fee?

The defendant should now write to the court with a schedule of costs, charging their own time at the litigant in person rate of £18/hour. They should also download other judgments from the Prankster blog and send them in to the court to show this is a common occurrence on the part of DEAL and that they had no intention of ever going to a hearing.

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  1. Sadly, barratry has not been an offence since 1967. Perhaps it's time for a review of that?

  2. up to how many hours is a judge likely to accept as a litigant in person?

  3. case here , £190 , read and follow ,