Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Croydon wise up to DEAL

District Judge Major sitting at Croydon has produced the following General Form of Judgment or Order.

l. The Claimant is to provide to the Court a copy of the assignment between itself and the co-operative in respect of this case by 18th march 2015.

As the Co-op have denied any knowledge of such an assignment, this looks like yet another Order that DEAL will find it impossible to DEAL with.

The Prankster predicts another DEL case will get thrown out on 18th March

Prankster Note

Do you have an upcoming CEL or DEAL case? Make sure you print out and take with you:

1) All the Orders from the recent Prankster blogs
2) The details regarding tomorrows criminal case involving CEL in Aberdeen
3) The bullying letter from CEL threatening huge costs
4) The information from the SRA that CEL is the parent company of DEAL
5) Your own schedule of costs, costing your time at £18/hour. Costs are not usually awarded in small claims so you will be using the above to shw CL are acting unreasonably.


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  2. Hi, Think it is CROYDON not CROYDEN

    1. Fixed, but the URL will forever bear testament to my lack of geographical knowledge