Thursday, 26 March 2015

Criminal Case against Civil Enforcement Limited continues

The next hearing for the case against Civil Enforcement Limited is due in Aberdeen on 31st March.

This case was previously blogged here.
The Prankster is not likely to be spectating and would welcome any court reports.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. the Scottish express will be there , a report will appear ASAP

    1. If you can email me details of the reporter, I can pre-brief him/her

  2. Out of interest, where does this leave Parking Eye, who seem to have been active in Scotland, and appear to have had some "formatting" issues with witness statements ?


  4. Looks like I have been pranked by CEL and MR M D Schwartz SRA ID 118966
    re a charge PNC issued in 2013 at a wedding venue in Birmingham and the wedding venue had provided so many PNC lists to cancel such charges but CEL and the legal rep appears to have ignored is and now placed a ccj against my name to the detriment of my who financial records that had been impeccable. The charge was not made correctly and it was assured by the venue that is is cancelled but it appears they re issued this year. :)