Thursday, 2 April 2015

ANPR Ltd no longer members of the BPA AOS

ANPR Ltd are no longer appearing on the list of approved AOS Members

This may be because they have jumped ship to the IPC - but so far they are not on the list there.

The other options are that they have resigned or been suspended.

If they have resigned then their ability to get keeper data from the DVLA will be severely limited. They can try the 'Proserve' model, but this is currently under judicial review.

The Prankster has helped several motorists charged by ANPR Ltd who complained of various infractions, such as

  • ghost tickets (tickets which are claimed issued to the driver, but which are not found on the windscreen)
  • rude and aggressive phone calls with Pat Crossley
  • pursuit of the keeper when the driver has already been identified, leading to charges from hire companies
  • pursuit of an obviously wrong vehicle (wrong colour and make)
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  1. Mike Tickle the head of Preston "off street" parking was shocked to hear the news , as they use ANPR for 9 car parks

    I did ask him about all the £100 that ANPR handed over every time someone trespassed on there land , however he can't remember receiving any moneys


  2. Maybe ANPR just had a database corruption? 6th on the list?

    1. Sorry BPA database corruption. :)