Friday, 13 March 2015

Parking Court Cases 2014-2015

In 2011 the number of parking cases filed in court was 90,000 (*BPA Estimate, bottom of page 9). The BPA informed the government that one on the benefits of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 schedule 4 was that it would cut the number of court cases filed.

This freedom of information request shows that in 2014-15, the number of cases filed by BPA companies was over 34,000, and by IPC companies, over 3,000.

The BPA can therefore be quietly pleased with themselves that they have cut the number of court cases by 2/3rds, saving the taxpayer a whole pile of money.

Some explanation of the figures is needed - a twiddle stands for 1 to 5 cases. The MoJ does not specify the exact number in case this compromises any defendants.

The Prankster is slightly intrigued by the cases filed by the University of Edinburgh Pole Dance Society.

The clear leader is ParkingEye, who filed over 30,000 of the cases. As most motorists are bullied into settling before a hearing, this will have netted them around £1 to £1.5 million from the £50 solicitor fee they charge. As they do not actually incur this cost (claims are generated by computer), this therefore accounts for most of their £1.6 million operating profit, and is their single most profitable item contributing to their profits.

Oh appears the BPA estimate was wrong! The actual number of cases filed in 2011 was 845

Well, never mind. What's a tiny discrepancy of 89,000 cases between friends?

The 2014-15 total does not include the 700 cases Proserve told a judge they filed, since they are not members of the BPA or IPC.

Oh appears they only filed 12.

Still, that's 3 more than last time.

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  1. seems the government believed the **** **** about the amount of court claims prior to 2012 , and allowed POFA to reduce this

  2. An honourable mention to Civil Enforcement Limited for second place with over 3000. One wonders if future claims will be postmarked HMP Grampian.

  3. Misinformation, disinformation and downright economy with the truth endemic from central government downwards.

  4. Statistics......
    They can be construed any way you want them. As most deaths occur in hospital you wouldn't get me anywhere near one of them.
    Working with truthful figures is a good start though.

  5. To be fair, they did say "36,000 to 90,000", which would have indicated to any correspondent with half a wit that they had no idea and were pulling numbers out of their hat.

    One wonders why the DfT didn't just ask the MoJ for the actual numbers. Sleepy after a particularly heavy lunch, perhaps?

  6. Maybe the BPA misheard the question and thought the DFT wanted to know how many will they be taking to court!

  7. Lies, Damn Lies.....and Parking Lies.

  8. Lies, Damn Lies.....and Parking Lies.

  9. Lies, Damn Lies.....and Parking Lies.

  10. I wonder how many of those 3000 CEL claims were struck out though. Also it would be interesting to know how many of the 30k PE cases were discontinued due to settlement.

  11. upto the sell off of parking eye to capita , the UK government held an 8% share in parking eye, they lent parking eye £100.000 to help set up the company

    nice innit

  12. If that's the case then I think we can understand why the POFA exists in its current form! Its obviously a source of revenue for HMG!

  13. there you go , read this

  14. Alan, that article is from Aug 2014, nothing has happened other than the DVLA allowing even a bod on a moped to take pics and say its ANPR.

  15. sorry , its our government lending this mob £100000 to set up and stitch customers I am pointing out.

    have you read the bit how PE were formed?

  16. ParkingEye... 30000 Cases?

    YOU WHAT CHUCKY!?!?!?!?!?!?!