Sunday, 29 March 2015

Richard III breaks terms and conditions

[The following is a guest blog*]

The coffin carrying the remains of King Richard III entered Leicester Cathedral yesterday ahead of his burial on Thursday.
A spokesman for ParkingEye said the signage was perfectly clear that if anyone stayed in the car park for longer than the permitted two free hours then they would be buried in a Cathedral well away from their home County. Despite allegations from a minority pressure group – The Plantagenet Alliance, this was not a breach of the BPA COP.
Mr. Morley, CEO of the DVLA, said that it had been quite appropriate for it to have provided data regarding Richard Plantagenet to ParkingEye as it had, in accordance with paragraph 7(4) of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act, placed a notice on Mr. Plantagenet whilst he was stationary and before he was removed from the car park. This also satisfied the requirements of paragraph 20.6 of the BPA COP. The DVLA spokesman understands that Mr. Plantagenet did not lodge any appeal to ParkingEye or POPLA.
A spokesman for the DVLA has provided the Leicester Mercury with a copy of an email it received from the BPA, following its investigation into ParkingEye’s conduct. It reads
From Peter Beasley
Sent: 04 March 2015 14:19
To Mr Morley CEO DVLA
Subject; BPA-1452 -1485

With regard to question number one

I am content that there has been no breach of the code in relation to the service of the notices on Mr Plantagenet.

With regards to question two

Parking Eye has submitted the following text, and are happy for me to forward onwards.

“Hi Peter,

Our solicitor has responded as follows: 
ParkingEye has been fully compliant with the BPA COP and served all of the correct notices. Within the UK, the occupier of any land or building will need title to that land or building (i.e. "ownership"), to apply for a burial in a Cathedral of anyone remaining in that car park for longer than is permitted. As ParkingEye do not take an interest in the land, it was not possible for us to make such applications in our own right.

Within the contract that ParkingEye has with the Leicester City Council t/as the Council, it is a prerequisite, on the part of the landholder, that any permission required is sought by the Council. ParkingEye ask that the client makes such applications, where needed. Thus if there is anything inappropriate with these arrangements it is the fault of someone else and not ParkingEye.”

I am content to close this case off.



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  1. I wonder if that was written for April Fools Day!

  2. Every day is April Fool's day in PPC land