Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Prankster in The Cornish Guardian

The Cornish Guardian is current running a story about The Parking Prankster.

The Prankster is offering to help motorists who have paid parking fines to reclaim them, especially for Fistral Beach, which is a notorious trap, with the council receiving p to 20 complaints a week during holiday season.

The address given by The Cornish Guardian points to this blog, rather than the web site. Hello cornish Guardian readers!

To get help reclaiming parking fines, please register on the website here

For brief advice on POPLA appeals, go here

For help with court cases, go here

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. this is not exclusive to Cornish Guardian Readers, we respect everyone who has been give a parking invoice from all the shyster companies out there.
    Come on down and stuff your local PPC

  2. Prankster is now top of the charts. If you google 'parking eye' the first three hits are parking eye themselves (inviting you to pay your invoice, ROFL) then the fourth hit is the Prankster's news story. Bing doesn't believe in superheroes unless you click the 'news' button.

  3. Cornwall Council aren't really interested in forensically examining the Shenanigans going on at Fistral with their partners, "Parking Eye." Parking Eye's Business model relies on penalising those most vulnerable in our society.A Judge recently described the situation as "bizzare," and daily, visitors to Newquay are being threatened by these people. Luckily, there are people out there who are willing to stand up for the little people-power to your Elbow Mr Prankster. If the council cannot protect these folk, then what exactly is their raison d'etre ? Shame on them.

    1. I have been issued with a £100 PCN for parking on a car park my appeal was upheld then refused. I am trying to be resilient and fight it. Not sure how it's all gonna turn out. I am loathed to pay this highly inflated charge for what would have been a £5 parking fee.

    2. I'm mystified by this. Why was your appeal upheld then refused? Have you appealed to POPLA. If not, do it because they always uphold correctly worded appeals against parkingeye.

  4. Who upheld your appeal then refused it ? Do you have that in writing? Is it parking eye?

  5. nice to see the Prankster of the Cornish guardians, it sounds interesting that the people who are charged with fines can reclaim them, let us know i more interesting stuff through your blog thereafter as well with the remarkable Secure Car Parking Manchester