Thursday, 13 February 2014

ParkingEye suffer premature capitulation. Only able to keep going for five minutes.

3JD08473 ParkingEye v Mason (Sheffield 12/02/2014). District Judge Birkby.

The Pepipoo report is here.

Mr Masons additional report...

Happy to report that I won in court yesterday against PE, rather easily! Neither myself or the lay rep got a word in as the judge ripped into their solicitor straight away, he was furious that no copy of the contract had been provided before the hearing and the one that she then produced was both redacted and a variation rather than the actual contract. Case dismissed inside 5 minutes without the defendant needing to even speak!

Thanks for the use of your guide to defending a court claim, lots of good stuff in there which I included in my defence, and also the other resources many of which I printed off to take along and didn't even need in the end. The stuff about locus standi must have made an impression on the judge as he'd read the papers just before the case and went straight into it - he was grilling her about it before I'd even sat down!

Re their witness statement about the contract, if we'd got chance to speak we'd have pointed out that not only was it identical to other "witness statements" produced by PE, but amongst other things the company named as the landowner didn't even exist as it had been dissolved in 2009 yet the "contract" was dated 2012...

Another sterling performance by ParkingEye, and further calling into question the legitimacy of their landowner witness statement.

Happy Parking

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