Thursday, 27 February 2014

Parking Prankster guides updated to version 2

The Parking Prankster guides have been updated for a while now.

The Parking Prankster naively assumed that  Amazon was telling the truth when it said readers could update Kindle books to the latest version.

After receiving a customer report which proved the opposite he did some investigation and received this reply.

At this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. Our technical team is aware of this issue, and are working towards automating this process

The Prankster has now filled in a form and Amazon has said they might be able to contact customers who bought version one within 4 weeks to allow them to update.

The updates

The updates are important because the government has changed the forms used. Therefore the old guide could be confusing because it mentions forms you will no longer be given.

Major changes
Form N149 Allocation Questionnaire has been replaced with form N180 Directions Questionnaire. This section has been rewritten to explain the new form.

Minor changes
 An example where the LPC Law costs were £210 has been added
 The 3JD prefix information has been clarified and updated for 2014 prefixes

The Workaround

The Smashwords version of the book is updating fine, so if you bought via Smashwords you can update without any problems. Smashword supports Kindle and other formats, but you have to buy in dollars!

If you bought via Kindle and cannot wait 4 weeks because you already have form N180 and are wondering what the heck to do, email The Prankster at

If you are thinking of buying the guide in the near future, for the time being The Prankster recommends you get it via the Smashwords site because then you can update it easily.

To check which version you have, go to the very first page.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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  1. Just to make you aware of an issue I have uncovered with Parking Eye that may interest you. I received an invoice for overstaying in ALDI Margate on 8th Feb. The first I knew about this was when I opened the envelope and saw my car and reg no. Time in and out stated 13:14:43 and 15:08:41. Now the interesting bit is my till receipt from ALDI stats my purchases were made at 15:22 it wouls appear someones clocks don't match......interesting.