Sunday, 23 February 2014

Parking Prankster on local radio - Richard Spendlove

Richard Spendlove ran a feature on Private Parking on his radio programme on 22/02/2014. The Prankster heard about this fairly late in the day, but just managed to nip in before the end of the programme to offer his services.

The Prankster admits he was not at his most eloquent, owing much perhaps to the fact it was his bedtime and he may have partaken of a few glasses of wine.

RS: Good evening and welcome to Alex*
PP: Hi there
RS: Hello Alex
[pregnant pause]
PP: I go under the moniker of the parking prankster and I run a website and blog helping people with court cases from private parking companies
RS: Right
PP: ...and appealing against tickets at POPLA
RS: Yeah
PP: So if any of your listeners are having any problems I'm quite willing to help them for free, provide them with information and lots of stuff they need
RS: So if anybody wanted your number we can give it them
PP: Well the website is easiest
RS: Oh all right let's have the website
PP: Yep, parking hyphen prankster dot com
RS: parking hyphen
PP: prankster
RS: dot
PP: com
RS: Ok mate, thank you very much indeed.

The edited programme is here. The Prankster makes his stumbling appearance at 18:04

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*The producer explained that Mr Spendlove required a first name, and that 'The' or 'Parking' would not cut the mustard. After some thought, The Prankster settled on Alex because he has always liked that name.

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