Thursday, 27 February 2014

ParkingEye v Gosnold transcript available

Another transcript is available, kindly funded by Bargepole and friends.

The main transcript, ParkingEye v Gosnold, establishes that the landowner witness statement is pants*, that 'parking is at the absolute discretion of the site' does not mean anything and that ParkingEye do not have the right to bring the claim.

The second transcript, for your amusement only, is the after judgement conversation. It appears that the ParkingEye LPC lawyer has an unfortunate 0-2 record so far, having met 'another one like him'.

Congratulations to Bargepole and all.

Happy Parking

*this is a technical legal term, meaning pants

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  1. Well done Bargepole. Keep up the good fight for justice.