Monday, 24 February 2014

ParkingEye over-redact contract. Lose in Stoke county court

3JD08925 ParkingEye v Watson.  (24/02/2014 Stoke) Duke of Gloucester Pub, Crewe, car park.

ParkingEye lost in court again, this time to a defendant who has had no help from forums. The defendant posted his account of the hearing on a facebook group and it has been subsequently reported on MoneySavingExpert.

ParkingEye have a habit of over-redacting contracts, and today was no exception. ParkingEye redacted the parking charge amount. Most people would not regard this as secret, since it is usually plastered over signs around the car park. ParkingEye thought differently, and the big black box appeared over this section of the contract.

Of course, the only reason to hide this is if the charge on the contract is not the same as the charge on the signs. Other important and relevant areas of the contract such as the grace period were also redacted.

The judge duly dismissed the case.

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  1. Redacted ? It must cost them a fortune in Marker Pens :-)