Monday, 26 October 2015

Smart Parking ticket shopping trolley

In a test to see whether various parking companies actually check the tickets they issue, one motorist successfully managed to get an operator to issue a ticket to a shopping trolley. Other operators are either more discerning, or perhaps have already whitelisted the motorist's number plate due to previous similar attempts.

Although the pictures are dark, it is clear there is a car behind the left hand image but nothing behind the right hand image. This is because the right hand image is a shopping trolley.

A bit of enhancement with photoshop shows the image of the trolley more clearly.

This is of course a bit of light-hearted fun, but it does show that some operators are not as diligent as they should be when issuing tickets. In theory the operators should check the photographs before making a request to the DVLA for data. The KADOE contract states:

B2.3. Before making each request for Data, the Customer shall gather evidence to demonstrate that it has Reasonable Cause to request that Data. This evidence may include scans, images, photographs, correspondence and any other evidence that the Customer may rely on to show its compliance with the requirements of this Contract and of the relevant Accredited Trade Association’s Code of Practice.
Obviously if the photographs show a car entering and a shopping trolley exiting then there is not reasonable cause to request the data.

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  1. I get a ticket a month due to being on a motorcycle and getting clocked out twice rather than in/out. ANPR is not fit for purpose if there are no QC Checks.

    1. email me a sample ntk and I will blog that. Operators should know that ANPR does not work with motorbikes which only have one plate.

    2. my 1954 BSA Bantam has 2 , but I am to slow for ANPR cameras ,

  2. The front number plates on a Bantam won't show up on ANPR systems. They're not forward facing.

  3. correct , however the two fingered salute might

    there again a BSA bantam in a shopping trolley on its side might confuse them

  4. Appeal to Smart was rejected despite my telling them what I did and then they curled up and rolled over when it went to POPLA. They dropped the case. So now we have the appeal point that there's no proof of a vehicle being attached to the number plate.