Saturday, 24 October 2015

Back to the future-itis strikes POPLA

The new POPLA is still having a few teething problems. Hopefully they will be ironed out soon.

In this case the POPLA portal states that the case is being assessed:

However, no evidence pack has been received from ParkingEye and no email has been received from POPLA stating that the evidence has been received. Apparently they received it on 01/01/0001.

Perhaps this means that ParkingEye have decided not to contest the case and have filed no evidence. Or perhaps ParkingEye got hold of a DeLorean and flew back in time to 01/01/0001 where they chipped out a 150 page epic in stone and left it for POPLA to find.

Only time will tell which if these is correct, or if there is a third answer.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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  1. I had this problem. got an email to say popla has finished its investigation and I can now log onto the POPLA portal. when I logged on it said it was still in progress. I phoned POPLA and they said they had IT problems and are sorting it out. POPLA had to send out the result through the post.