Thursday, 15 October 2015

ANPR ltd small day out

ANPR Ltd are back in court in Preston tomorrow. This time there are only three cases listed. The Prankster does not know about any of these cases or whether the contracts are valid or photocopied cut and paste jobs like last time. He also has no idea whether the amounts claimed are made up like last time or real amounts.

The Prankster is also unsure whether Expedion sent fake court papers in these cases or whether the sites had signage in place and if so unlike last time whether the signs bear any relevance to the evidence filed. The Prankster also does not know if the defendants were the drivers. If not then there is no case to answer as ANPR Ltd make no attempt to comply with keeper liability conditions. The Prankster wonders if ANPR Ltd have stated on the particulars of claim that keeper liability applies even though they know it does not.

Happy parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. and all the "fax fairies" are clogging the system as we speak , please assist ,, fax now!

  2. Oh, oh, trounced again.

    Hopefully it will get through that thick skull that trumped up, tricked up cases won't fool a clued up Judge. La La land doesn't exist you Wally!