Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Smart Parking issuing bogus tickets

The Prankster has received a number of reports of Smart Parking issuing bogus tickets when no contravention has actually occurred. Many of these are from Perth in Scotland, and googling 'Smart Parking Perth complaints' produces a number of newspaper articles on this issue.

Local MP Pete Wishart has labelled Smart Parking  "a cowboy company” after he has been inundated with complaints about it from some constituents.

The Prankster can reveal the problem is not confined to Perth. Here is a report from the Bury Times letter page of 8th October.

The Prankster has been informed that Matalan Bury does not have ANPR, which means the ticket will have likely been issued via a warden using a smartphone.

UK Parking Control wardens have been recently found to be forging timestamps on their smartphones so it is not beyond the bounds of possibility for the same problem to occur with other parking companies.

If you have been issued a windscreen ticket by Smart Parking, or any other parking company, and you believe the times are not correct and that evidence has been forged, please contact The Prankster at, so that the matter can be investigated.

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  1. This disease is widespread in UKPC. It must have origins within the base camp, ie from head office bgut whether or not this could be proven within the current investigation is, I would think, dependant on the fraud squad gaining access to computers and emails.
    Even text messages sent to their "employees" could enlighten us of what the head office instructions may have been sent.

    1. Unless the management are incredibly stupid, and that is a possibility, I doubt any documentary evidence will be found. I imagine unscrupulous practices are more likely passed down the food chain by word of mouth.

  2. "Am I on my own with this or is it happening to other people…………."

    This obviously highlights how unaware the general public are to the nefarious shenanigans of the private parking industry. The latest victim I am helping actually responded to a windscreen issued begging letter and identified herself as the driver!!!!!! I had previously helped her with a ParkingEye postal ANPR but I did not highlight to her the status of fly posted begging letters so I am partially to blame for that.

    I also discovered at a Christmas get together that a relative I am not in regular contact with actually paid one of these invoices. The parking industry is unfortunately still getting fat on the public's indifference.

  3. Yes they are making themselves very popular in Perth!
    Many stories in local newspapers about the chaos. It will be intersting to see if they push any claims through Perth Sherrif court?


  4. Q, I'll let you know. The other half of a car owner in my family just overstayed at a Thick infested car park in Perth.