Friday, 9 October 2015

Devon Parking Agency scam shut down

The Devon Parking Agency scam has been shut down following research by members on moneysavingexpert and investigative journalism by Plymouth Herald reporter Carl Eve.

The full report on the Plymouth Herald is here.

The man behind the scam was a Plymouth man in his twenties with a troubled past. He claimed friends in the parking industry gave him the idea and that he now regrets his actions. The company for which his friends work has not been named.

The man has turned himself voluntarily into the police and has shut down his website. He stated he issued about 5 tickets but cannot remember where they were issued.

The Prankster suggests the man should shut down his other sites as well.

Congratulations to all involved who brought down this scan in double quick time.

Happy Parking

The ParkingPrankster

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  1. If only it were as easy to shut down the likes of Parking Eye, UKPC, UKCPM etc etc etc.