Friday, 9 October 2015

ANPR Ltd win in court. ANPR Ltd lose in court

ANPR Ltd had a bumper day in court yesterday, with 6 cases in Preston and one in Birmingham. Mr Trevor Whitehouse and his representative were present at Preston. It is not known who if anyone was present in Birmingham.

The Prankster has been informed of 6 of the judgments - the others are unknown.

One case arose as the result of parking in a disabled bay. The defendant did not produce sufficient evidence that one of the passengers was disabled (she was too ill to attend) and the case was awarded to ANPR Ltd. The judge awarded them £7.50 for trespass and £20 costs.

This was substantially less than the amount asked for which was £355 for trespass and £35 for costs, so Trevor has asked for leave to appeal regarding the amount.

The second case appeared to be more of a farce than a hearing, with Trevor's mobile ringing at one point with a bizarre ringtone. Following the judgment when the ANPR Ltd representative asked for right to appeal Trevor turned to her and said 'What? You want to go for a pee?'

In the actual hearing, the judge focused on the fact that ANPR Ltd did not exist when the contract was signed. Trevor admitted he copied and pasted the ANPR letterhead to replace the National Clamps one. ANPR Ltd also could not provide proof that there was any signage whatsoever in the vicinity as they had no photographs. As the defendant stated she did not see any signs, the fact there appeared to be none was probably the reason

ANPR Ltd also claimed they had used Expedion to try and mediate. The defendant replied Expedion were a debt collection agency who had sent court papers for Northampton County Court in order to make them believe they had applied to court. The Judge said this was an illegal practice to which Trevor then admitted there had been other complaints about this so they were no longer using Expedion.

Of the other cases 1 was dismissed and 3 adjourned. The Prankster has no further details on these.

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  1. And there was I wondering what series to watch now that Falling Skies has concluded.
    The ANPR Comedy Hour should be good to subscribe to.
    I may even try for a leading role in one episode.

    1. Carry on litigating starring Trevor Whitehouse, the original Parking Prankster ;)

  2. £7.50 is a cheap day out , can I go next

    the guy is a deluded fool , and due to his actions , is now having to dig cases up pre 2012 (national clamps)

  3. "they were no longer using Expedion." , HE owns Expedion !!!! , so he knew dammed well what was going on!!!

    1. For the sake of accuracy there are 3 joint owners at the last filing. Crossley, McCormick and Ashley. There is no proven ownership to TW

    2. He probably a shareholder so it wouldn't show up on the public listing

    3. Expedion and is operated by someone called Patrick Crossley from the ANPR offices in Preston., or is it his office in his house in Burnley (12 miles away)

  4. Good Old Trev

    The man with the gift of perpetual stupidity, the gift that keeps giving.
    Not only did he manage to copy a document and the add the wrong letterhead (just stupidity not errrm dishonesty I hope) he also managed to get a linked company to present an "illegal" document in in quest to grab cash.

    However now we have it; a value of £7.50 for tresspass (and a discount on the HHJ Maloney rate too) motorists facing a tresspass case should always take a copy of this with them to court and I bet all the parking scammers who try a "tresspass" claim will be really happy that such a rate has now been established.

    If only he hadn't got the pesky sanction points and got booted out of an ATA, and lost all those council contracts and....., Grrrrr



  5. One can not believe the judiciary are allowing these cases to get this far.

  6. My case was also dismissed that day. Only one was adjourned in the end, the other was also dismissed. These people are profiteering leeches and their 'legal' representation a joke. The judge seemed far from happy with their conduct. The icing on the cake was being awarded loss of earnings and travel expenses. Expensive day out for ANPR!

  7. who,s land were you parked on?

  8. Private land owned by the company I rented office space from. I have a tenancy agreement giving me right to park. I tried to prove this to ANPR less than 24hrs after the incident but they insisted on pursuing me for 11 months

  9. anpr took me to court in sept 2015, i won , it was a farce, their claim dismissed and the judge told their solicitor it was the worst presented case he had ever seen laid before him.