Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Proserve Gamble fails to pay off

Steven Duff of Proserve recently took the DVLA to a judicial review, hoping to be able to get keeper details without joining an ATA.

Assuming his turnover is less than £250k, this would have saved him fees of £6000 odd for the BPA or £4000 odd for the IPC.

However instead it cost...

...£25,000 of DVLA costs and an estimated £10k of his own costs.

This is around 6 years of BPA membership or 9 years of IPC membership. It looks like the gamble did not pay off.

Happy Parking,

The Parking Prankster


  1. lol ...serves them right...pity it was'nt more

  2. And the ongoing costs of not being able to access DVLA data is possibly higher than the others

  3. They actually received it? I am all astonishment.

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  5. Duff by name and Duff by nature.
    condemnant quod non intellegunt applies in this instance.

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  7. Can’t be all bad? They named him after a beer!

  8. Nothing constructive to add so ......

    Ha,Ha Ha!!!!!!