Friday, 19 December 2014

When Parking Companies go rogue

The Prankster advises potential customers of parking companies to check up on their previous customers before committing themselves. Some parking companies have cordial relationships with their customers...and some do not.

Take Civil Enforcement Limited, for example. The Co-op engaged them to manage their car parks some time ago but seem to have lost total control. Even when the Co-op want CEL to cancel parking tickets, they are ignored.

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your email and your comments are noted.
As advised in my earlier response, it is simply a statement of fact that CEL and DEAL will not respond to requests from Co-op to discontinue Court actions, regardless of the reasons for such requests. Accordingly, it is not a question of this issue being escalating to another level of authority within Co-op, but that CEL/DEAL will not accede to such requests, regardless of who they emanate from within Co-op.
Where Co-op is able to comment further, I have endorsed responses below.
I trust this clarifies the position, as I do not think that Co-op is able to assist further in this matter.
Yours sincerely

Deborah Misell-WilliamsExecutive Customer Careline Team

The Prankster understands that CEL are no longer used by the Co-op, which is not surprising. Civil Enforcement Limited destroy Co-op's customer base by pursuing Co-op customers to court for minor parking transgressions. A customer overstaying for a few minutes by shopping is not expecting to have to fork out several hundred pounds for the privilege - CEL increase the amount claimed to around £500. This no doubt ensures the customer will never return to the Co-op.

The Prankster suggests landowners who want their car park managed find a parking company who will work with them to maintain and improve their customer base rather than destroy it.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. From the CEL at Whitby Co-op Car Park Protest Page

    "A TV company has been in touch, wants to contact people who have an ongoing issue with CEL, either Currently in Court action or fielding Debt Collection mail. This is a chance to try to get even - they need exposing.
    So if that's you, get in touch with Latisha:-
    "I work for a TV production company called Century Films. We made the BBC Documentary series- Parking Mad. We're now making a parking series for ITV and I'd love to get in touch with you about our programme. If you were able to email me with your contact details so that I can contact you - I'd really appreciate it: . I hope to hear from you, Latisha"

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