Monday, 1 December 2014

Dodgy parking company suspended - GB Parking Solutions

GB Parking Solutions were chucked out of the British Parking Association on 18th November. This was because they exceeded 12 sanction points in a 12 month period.

Additionally, according to a poster on pepipoo, they are "in the process of being struck off by Companies House due to overdue accounts. The first "Gazette" entry was made on 11th November; (normally it takes 3 months from this date to complete the process)."

Apparently, according to another poster,  this has been the fate of all the companies run by this director, Mr Shamshar Singh.

Shamshar Singh holds 2 appointments at 2 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 3 appointments at 3 dissolved companies. Shamshar began their first appointment at the age of 21. Their longest current appointment spans 2 years and 0 months at GB PARKING SOLUTIONS LTD.

According to the DVLA they have been banned from keeper access from 11 August 2014.

Their web site does not appear to be in 'English'.

It appears they will no longer be providing 'excellence in you parking operation'.

The Daily Mail recently ran an article regarding the DVLA providing data to dodgy companies. The Prankster wonders what kind of checks are actually put in place to prevent companies like this getting data in the first place?

The Prankster recommends anyone who gets a windscreen ticket from GB Parking Solutions waits for a Notice to Keeper to arrive. For the keeper to be liable, this must arrive between days 28 and 56. However, as they have no access to the DVLA database, this is unlikely to arrive.

If the windscreen ticket refers to POPLA then the Prankster recommends referring this to the BPA and to trading standards.

Only BPA members can use POPLA, so this is a false claim.

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  1. So are these the sacrificial lamb so the BPA Ltd can claim that its system "works"?