Thursday, 4 December 2014

DVLA grow a pair. Stop providing keeper data to Proserve

The DVLA have informed The Prankster that they have stopped providing keeper data to Proserve from 1st December 2014.

The Prankster is aware that the judicial review has not completed*, so The Prankster congratulates the DVLA for growing a pair after all these years of fence sitting.

Perhaps the new DVLA appointment had a hand in the change of direction, which previously consisted of extended periods of doing nothing.

Enheartened, The Prankster will now enquire when the DVLA will do something about the shambles that is the Independent Parking Committee appeal process, which can easily be demonstrated to be not independent.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*The judicial review will take place on 17th December within the Royal Courts of Justice, London


  1. Well..... someone's Xmas is going to be $hit. Ho hum........

    1. Well, it won't be Proserve's. They have a cast iron contract with the landowner which requires the landowner to cough up £250 each time Proserve detect a trespass. No doubt the landowner will now be looking carefully to see if there ar eany termination clauses when the £250 invoices rkeep rollin gin from Proserve while they have no hope of identifying driver or keeper.

    2. Er, unless the contract is a sham, of course. In which case, no invoices will actually be generated.

  2. Lets see the smug bastard smile this one off, laughing my balls off here !!!