Monday, 8 December 2014

Royal Mail regards Armtrac postal delays as implausible

The Prankster has been in touch with the Royal Mail regarding the continual problems Armtrac Security Services seem to be having with mail delivery. They regard it as implausible, for instance, that a letter posted on 1 November will float around in the system and only be postmarked on 25th November. Normally envelopes are postmarked as close to the point of entry of the Royal Mail as possible.

The Royal Mail have therefore asked all affected mail recipients to contact them and send them a copy of the letter, and the envelope it arrived in. You should also say which day the letter arrived. They can then investigate to see where the problem is, if indeed there is one with the Royal Mail. If there is not a problem, The Prankster suggests that the motorist contacts him and also the British Parking Association.

If Armtrac have already provided some excuse as to why the mail was late, that should also be copied to the Royal Mail so it can be investigated.

To contact the Royal Mail either phone on 03457 740740 or write to

Royal Mail Customer Service Centre
PO Box 740

You can write something like...

Dear Royal Mail,

Re Late mail from Armtrac Security Services

I have received a letter from the above company which was delivered late. The letter is dated x; the envelope is postmarked y; it was delivered on z. I enclose copies of the letter and envelope.

I have been made aware from other people in the same situation that this is a regular problem with mail from this company. The way parking companes work is that appeals are only allowed for a limited time from the date on the letter. By the time the letter actually arrived this time has expired or almost expired. I am therefore asking you to investigate to determine if there is a genuine problem with the Royal Mail with post delivered from this company, or if the company is using sharp practices to prevent motorists from appealing parking charges.

I await your reply

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Have you confirmed that the Royal Mail is the operator responsible for injecting the mail into the network?

    1. Envelopes are hand written with stamps stuck on. I'm guessing they are 'injected' into the network by Mick Cooke Esq

  2. Yep, that'll be RM then :) Otherwise they'd be franked I think.