Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Have DVLA learnt lessons from RAME charity case?

The RAME charity bus case was featured on BBC TV and can be seen here:

An 84 year old man was pursued by a parking company as the keeper of a vehicle. His details were obtained from the DVLA who had no right to hand them out as the driver had already been identified. During the investigation the parking company lied to the DVLA; the DVLA accepted at face value the parking company account and did not check them, thus compromising the investigation.

Lynette Rose, Deputy Corporate Director of the DVLA, wrote in a letter dated 13th June 2013;

"DVLA officials accepted at face value the account of events provided by Premier Parking Solutions (PPS) and did not check thoroughly enough the information provided. This compromised the investigation and led to the Agency making a decision with only some of the facts"


"I have also asked for work to be undertaken to improve the way in which complaints of this nature are handled. This will ensure that they are processed through the appropriate channels at all stages. I can assure you that the staff concerned recognise the need to ensure that each complaint is investigated properly"

The investigation into the complaint made the following recommendations.

Now we are a year on from the parking event, The Prankster asks if any lessons have been learned by the DVLA. What is the nature or the work undertaken to improve the way in which complaints are handled?

Many people have contacted The Prankster to say their complaints to the DVLA are being fobbed off. Here is a typical example.

Thank you for your email received on 2/12/14. Your email reference number is xxxxxxx.
I am afraid we cannot assist you at DVLA. Please contact:
British Parking Association - 01444 447300

If the DVLA are not regulating the private parking industry, and the British Parking Association are not regulating the private parking industry, just who is?

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