Tuesday, 2 December 2014

MBC Parking admits breach of Company regulations. Why did the DVLA or BPA not pick this up?

MBC Parking Solutions Ltd has admitted being in breach of company regulations.

The PO Box address does not appear to exist, and there is no signage at this address. This does not therefore meet 'brass plate' requirements and is not a correct address for service.

The Royal Mail state this PO box has not been paid for and TR20 9WD is apparently not a valid postcode.

The Prankster has been led to suspect the correct address is Pengersick Lane, Praa Sands, Chenhal, Penzance, with the postcode either TR20 9SN or TR20 9SH.

Companies house has been informed and MBC have acknowledged the addresses are either out of date of fictional and will be updating the registry.

One of the reasons that addresses must be correct is for consumer protection. It is not known yet whether companies house is taking further action.

The Prankster wonders why the DVLA and BPA audits have not picked this up. If this kind of thing is not checked during the audit, then perhaps it should be. What else do these audits miss, and are they just a rubber-stamping exercise rather than any true attempt to make sure parking companies are compliant with the regulations.

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  1. If Companies House write to them for details of their excuses for the misdemeanour, which address will it be sent to I wonder......

    1. Apparently the posties know where to deliver stuff if addressed to the bogus address.

    2. No doubt the posties were suitably 'briefed' just in case an envelope contained a payment. Yet it can be denied receiving anything awkward to deal with !

  2. Companies House are showing them at:-
    Chenoweth Pengersick Croft
    Praa Sands
    TR20 9SW

    I can't find them registered with the ICO though or even the BPA now!

  3. They still seem to be advertising for a wheel clamper???