Thursday, 6 November 2014

Stephen Duff of Proserve admits claiming £420 was due to his incompetence

Stephen Duff has now admitted that claiming £420 instead of £80 was due to his incompetence.  The initial invoice submitted by the transcription company was an estimate before they had done the work. Once it was complete a new invoice was submitted and the overpayment reclaimable.

The Prankster has purchased several transcripts himself and can confirm this is the way transcription companies work. Stephen Duff has also purchased transcriptions in the past and therefore should also be aware of the process.

There is therefore no plausible excuse for him not realising the first invoice is always an estimate; that the estimate of £420 was clearly wrong; and that the overpayment had been repaid.

According to pepipoo Mr Duff is now threatening the transcription company with legal action due to his embarrassment in appearing in The Prankster's blog.  For some reason he appears to believe they are responsible for his own incompetence.  He is also claiming never to have received the second invoice.

The Prankster also questions the fact that the invoice is made out to Duff, and not to the claimant, Ransomes Park Ltd. Firstly if Ransomes have not paid for the transcription then why should the defendant reimburse them for a cost which has not been incurred.  Secondly why would Ransomes reimburse Duff anyway when their contract with him makes him responsible for all costs. They should therefore mitigate costs by refusing to pay Duff for the cost of the transcript.

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  1. I wonder if the refund also went missing!

  2. Do you confess to being a con man or to being an idiot??

    Tough choice...

  3. True. Although I have never accidentally misled and defrauded thousands of people out of hundreds of pounds and then accidentally given a judge an invoice for £420 when I actually only had to pay £80.

    Must have just been a series of oversights I guess...

  4. Appearance in a Prankster blog is the least of his problems.
    Methinks the long arm of the law will eventually take him by the Duff of the neck and frogmarch him straight to jail without passing go.

  5. He is scum and his company are acting criminally, which is not surprising considering the low life who runs it. By the way Stephen Duff I hope you enjoy your porridge as you are heading there, and you know what I will laugh so much when that happens!

    1. Hes gonna start emailing Pranky asking for your home address now!!!

    2. He's quite welcome to come to Wales if he wants too, I don't give a toss what this corrupt little shit does, am I defaming him? Well Stephen Duff you are welcome to try if you want, I am quite willing to provide my address for you.

    3. I wouldn't welcome him in my home personally. This guy is a thug.
      If he turned up it would more than likely be with 3 "assistants" and knuckledusters. When he is involved in sending out messages to companies warning that someone is facing a murder trial you can see the sort of mentality he has.

      He has the mental attitude that life owes him an income and believe me those sort of people fight to the death to preserve their status quo.