Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Open letter to Oliver Morley regarding

To "" , ""

Dear Sir,

I would like to complain about the web site,

This appears to be a thinly veiled propaganda exercise on behalf of the British Parking Association Limited, and does not correctly state motorist's parking rights at all.

There appears to have been no consultation with other parking ATAs, such as the IPC, or motorist organisations such as the BMPA.

The site uses the BPA Ltd logo.

I would request that you urgently require the BPA to place a big disclaimer on the front web page stating that the site is created and maintained by the British Parking Association Limited, that there is no government backing or approval, that other ATAs such as the IPC have not been involved, and that motorist organisations have not been involved.

The site has no balance, and does not inform the motorists of the large number of dirty tricks used by parking companies, and the steps to take in such situations.

Please address this issue with utmost urgency.

Your sincerely,

The Parking Prankster
BMPA Representative


  1. The signage in their cartoon car park appears to be non-compliant. So at least that's honest and representative.

    1. Apparently the BPA are also unaware of which side of the road we drive on in the UK.

  2. According to a researcher on MSE, the pictures are from play and build pro

    See how many American givaways you can spot!

    The BPA minutes regarding this are also on MSE

    1. The BPA have confirmed they have the rights to these images, so they are only guily of not researching which side of the road cars drive on in the UK