Saturday, 8 November 2014

ParkingEye target man whose daughter had to go to hospital in beach incident

This report on moneysavingexpert describes how ParkingEye refused to cancel their charge despite a serious medical incident occurring on Fistral Beach.

The parking event occurred in Tower Road car park in Newquay. During the stay the motorist's daughter had to be evacuated from Fistral Beach by RNLI lifeguards. This meant the motorist had to return all the beach gear to the car himself taking several trips, and then rendezvous with the lifeguards to take her to hospital, where he spent 5 hours.

The motorist offered to pay for the overstay at the car park, and to add on a reasonable administrative charge. However, this was rejected by ParkingEye, who are now threatening to take him to court.

Sadly the motorist did not appeal to POPLA because the listed appeal reasons did not seem to apply, even though he correctly identified that the parking charge bore no relation to the costs to ParkingEye of issuing it. This will be seen as a success by the British Parking Association, who have constantly refused to update POPLA's site to inform motorists they can appeal if the charge is not a genuine pre-estimate of loss.

ParkingEye previously have refused to cancel charges when a walker was injured on Snowden, and when motorists could not leave the car park due to breaking down.

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  1. Nasty....Cornwall Council are wary....

  2. I wonder if the keepers sudden death would be mitigating circumstances, or if a charge would be levied against the deceased estate.

  3. Parking eye DONT do mitigation