Monday, 24 November 2014

Mick Cooke of Armtrac threatens to break fingers

The Parking Prankster has been informed of a telephone call between Michael Cooke of Armtrac and ParkingTicketAppeals.

Mr Cooke has been visiting houses of ParkingTicketAppeals supporters and posting notes through the doors. Apparently he objects to ParkingTicketAppeals offering to help with appealing parking charges.

ParkingTicketAppeals explained that they would be visiting car parks managed by Armtrac up to Chrismas. Mr Cooke responded by threatening to break the fingers of anyone who did this.

The Prankster feels that violence is not the answer to parking problems and that if Mr Cooke wants to stop losing at POPLA, all he has to do is to reduce his charges until they are a genuine pre-estimate of loss.*

The Prankster also worries that the DVLA are handing out motorist's data to a man who threatens violence and with a record of going round to the houses of people he does not agree with.

No doubt the DVLA will do a thorough investigation and if necessary suspend Armtrac's access to the keeper database.

Mr Cooke has previous form for threatening behaviour, as reported on several newspaper web sites.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*It seems Mr Cooke has found another way to stop losing at POPLA. He had moved from the BPA to the IPC. The IPC run an appeal system which is demonstrably unfair to motorists and which is capable of manipulation tp produce whatever results the IPC wish. Additionally the Government required the BPA appeal system, POPLA to publish an annual report and to be overseen by an independent board. No such requirements have been imposed on the IPC appeal system.


  1. Isn't Armtrac one of the companies who has just left the "reputable BPA" and went to the bunch of shysters, scamsters and ex clampers who is the IPC instead, in order to reduce their losses at POPLA by switching to the kangaroo "Independent Appeals System" instead? One wonders why?

  2. He's just a scum ex clamper, like all scum he deserves being taken down a peg or two. And I wouldn't be surprised to hear that police will get involved in this, threatening physical violence on people is actually a criminal offence! I hope they pay him a visit and give him a few home truths on how the justice system could land him up in court and behind bars. I guess we can hope.

    1. Apparently the police visited him tonight for a little chat

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  4. I hope he knocks on rambo's front door.

  5. Arrived in Pool St Bodmin at 12.06 got ticket from Armtrac at 12.07, no chance to pay for ticket or anything fella in black T-shirt Armtrac branded, body cam, digital camera and already printed ticket, put in my window and snapped away, is that right?? When asked why he gave me a ticket, he said I didn't have a ticket on the dashboard