Wednesday, 26 November 2014

ParkingEye issue scam parking charge at Fistral Beach

ParkingEye recently issued a scam parking ticket for Fistral Beach.

The motorist purchased a ticket which covered the time of stay.

The Prankster confirms that he carefully checked the registration number on the ticket and it appears to be correct. Of course, even if The Prankster did make a mistake in checking this means that there would be no way a motorist could genuinely check the ticket, or correct an error if they discovered one.

The signage confirms the amount paid was correct.

ParkingEye cancelled the ticket on appeal.

The Prankster considers that parking companies who issue scam tickets like this need to be held to account. They should refund the motorist a fair amount for their time and effort. The Prankster considers an amount equal to the discounted ticket would be fair.

ParkingEye have a serious problem with issuing tickets incorrectly. In court documents they admit they cancel 65% of tickets on appeal.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. The timecode on the camera and the ticket machine is significantly different too, 5 minutes is a lot when dealing with the likes of ParkingEye.

    1. Surely a system that uses 19 different processes to authenticate timing, and is used by institutions including Buckingham Palace, can't be wrong.

  2. Ha ha, nice surfboard, I bought some new wax for it with the money awarded to me when Fistral and Parking Eye lost their Fistral case against us. Perhaps the legal term would like to join me for a surf, it may chill them out.