Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Mr M Shwarts does not appear to be a solicitor. Signing DEAL claim forms may be a criminal offence

Debt Enforcement & Action Limited have been submitting a number of court claims which are signed by a solicitor calling himself Mr M Shwarts.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority have confirmed they cannot locate any Mr M Shwarts on their roll. It is a criminal offence to say you are a solicitor if you are not, as the SRA website explains.

The Prankster therefore recommends anyone with a claim form signed by Mr Shwarts emails it to the SRA to investigate. The email address on some of their contact forms is incorrect. The correct email address is

The SRA will then add this to the rest of the evidence to decide whether to investigate further and what action to take.

Of course, this may all turn out to be a silly mistake by DEAL and their solicitor is really called something else, but he suffers from tourettes, amnesia and dyslexia so never spells his own name correctly.

Otherwise, this report details that Wonga had to pay £2.6 million for sending letters from fake solicitor firms.

The Prankster will wait and see.

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  1. Have asked 10 people so far to do so :)

  2. What are the chances that a solicitor is unable to spell his own name correctly? I'm sure this is a bogus name, probably chosen to sound similar to someone who is indeed a registered solicitor.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see things like this from DEAL, a company who uses a maildrop facility as their registered office and whose sole director is an American with a correspondence address in Ukraine.

    The whole thing is obviously a sham and what should happen is that HMCTS should stop all those claims and properly investigate this, starting with whoever owns the bank account whose cheques are sent to the courts with the claim forms.

  3. Has anyone got a witness statement signed by this Trollop

  4. The Statutory bodies were set up to protect the public, sounds like this is an "obvious" case ?

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