Friday, 28 November 2014

ParkingTicketAppeals changes hands

The Parking Prankster has heard that the ownership of at least half of ParkingTicketAppeals has changed hands.It will be run by someone else going forwards.

The Prankster does not know who is now running the company.

At this point therefore The Prankster will neither be recommending for or against using the company until the situation is clear.

As the company are having an effect on ParkingEye's bottom line estimated at £1m a year, it may be that Capita would be better off offering a substantial sum just to close the company down.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Interesting, as the shareholder denies she has relinquished her shares. No doubt all will become clear later.

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    2. Not sure where the difference is, as share ownership, directors, and actual control are all different things. I am not 100% sure what actually is happening but no doubt things will be clearer in the coming days.

    3. I don't follow your logic but will wait and see. I have contacted the new owner for clarification.

  2. Two Companies at the same address:

  3. Re the final paragraph. Apart from wishing to close it down, Capita might like to own it and let it continue in order to get its hands on all the £16s (I believe is the fee) for 'tickets' they know they would otherwise receive nothing and at the same time have to pay out a POPLA fee. Win-win for them!