Tuesday, 20 August 2013

UKCPS accuse defendant of 'Internet Forum Scam'

The Parking Prankster received a copy of a letter which UKCPS has written to a judge accusing the defendant of participating in an internet forum scam.

The Prankster considers that Trev Goodwood must have been on something when he wrote that letter. The Prankster has seen no online parking forums where members are against controlling parking in disabled bays, let alone an increasing number of them. Two forums The Prankster is aware of, Pepipoo and moneysavingexpert, sternly criticise posters who park in disabled bays, and caution them against the practice. The Prankster googled the phrase 'graffiti written on the ground' but could find no parking related search hits.

The Prankster wonders why Trev Goodwood considers the defences to be a scam. The definition of a scan is 'to swindle by means of  trick'. Nobody has been swindled as far as The Prankster can tell, and The Prankster has spotted no tricks that have been used. Perhaps the real reason Trev is annoyed is that he drops large numbers claims where a defence is filed and so this is costing him money. Perhaps he ought to ensure that his legal case is watertight before he considers filing.

Do you have an amusing letter from Trev Goodwood? The Prankster would be interested in blogging about it?

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  1. I think it might be an abuse of process to issue hundreds of claims and then drop them if a defence is received as a matter of course.

  2. Any advice that is given on the forums is genuine based upon case law. When the PPC and PoPLA start applying common sense (e.g. charge for loss of income for an over-stay, etc) then I suspect the on-line community will do likewise.

    I'd say a scam is sending out claims for monies made to look like genuine parking tickets as issued by The Police and Council and trying to claim an unenforceable amount.

    Those in glass houses Trev...

  3. Parking weasels don't like people learning their rights. See this,

    Specifically, "Amateur lawyers posting on internet forums often advise people to ignore parking charges, claiming that they’re not enforceable by law. This is bad advice."

    Someone's giving bad advice. That's for sure.

  4. Funny that. Surely if UKPC are so sure of this, then they would test it in Court with every case?

  5. UKPC web site is quite interesting. Obviously if they went in with that evidence, the defendant hasn't done their homework. No mention about having a contract in place with the Landowner/Landlord, no pre-estimate of loss justification, etc, etc.

    Then again, if I was being taken to Court by them, I'd check my position legally from every angle. If you don't, you deserve to get screwed.