Friday, 16 August 2013

Rachel Ledson advocates appealing to POPLA and checking the disability act

The Parking Prankster was pointed to a web page on the web site. Although the page is gone now, there is still a copy in the google cache here.

Later on down the same page, Rachel Ledson comments:
"Don't forget guys that charges on Private land are not the same as council tickets and if you get one you should appeal to popla and not be bullied in to paying the invoice. The may also be a case the ppc has breached the equality act..."

The Prankster thinks this is excellent advice, and that motorists should always appeal to POPLA, and not be bullied. The Prankster notes that ParkingEye are one of the companies with the worst record in the industry for sending out bullying letters, sailing close to the wind, twisting facts, and writing aggressive inaccurate letters. The Prankster also notes that ParkingEye have no hesitation in ignoring the equality act, pursuing court action against people who have had medical incidents due to long term conditions, breastfeeding mothers and the like. ParkingEye also pursue cases where the landowner has required the parking charge to be cancelled, where motorists break down and where their pay machines fail. They are probably therefore one of the biggest bullies in the industry.

ParkingEye's solicitor, coincidentally also called Rachel Ledson, files around 500 to 600 court cases a week against motorists.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

The Prankster would like to caution anyone who thinks the two Rachel Ledsons are the same. A quick google search turns up several RLs. It it most likely coincidence that the RL posting has legal knowledge, and also seems well acquainted with the parking industry to the extent she uses the abbreviation ppc, knows about POPLA and the equality act and the difference between private and council tickets. The Prankster reminds everyone it is also easy to set up a fake profile and post using any name.

The Prankster would like to thank the person who sent him this link and also many other interesting links featuring people named Rachel Ledson.

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