Thursday, 29 August 2013

AOS board minutes from FoI request removed

The AOS board minutes which were formerly here have been removed. The Prankster has no idea why.

The Prankster blogged about these minutes here.

[Update 30/8/13] The Prankster has been informed that WDTK were asked to remove the content because personal information remained. A new redacted version should be provided 'in due course'.


  1. Funny that as there are dire warnings when you use WDTK that your questions will be up in cyberspace for ever. Not the answers then?

  2. How is it possible for information that is in the public domain and obtainable via a FOI be considered personal?

    The idea of a FOI request is that all sensitive information is removed.

    Sounds like someone is rattled....

    1. I guess they forgot to remove all the sensitive information. No doubt we can see what they newly consider sensitive when the redacted version is released.

  3. They are back up now, fully unredacted.