Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Highview Parking spurred into immediate action - for real!

For once, Highview Parking came good on their threat to be spurred into immediate action, as this Parking Charge notice shows.

Highview Parking issued this charge one minute after the free parking time expired at Tesco. This surprised The Prankster, who naively believed their claim in his POPLA appeal: a company that strives to adhere to the best practice in the industry...
Surely Highview are aware that the British Parking Association Limited code of practice states that grace periods should be allowed for leaving a car park?
13.4 You should allow the driver a reasonable period to leave the private car park after the parking contract has ended, before you take enforcement action.
The Prankster believes that at least 5 minutes is an acceptable grace period for most situations, rising to larger amounts when congestion prevents drivers leaving the car park.

The Pranksters awaits the result of the appeal!

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Sorry to be a pedant (no I'm not!) but isn't the "overstay" 2 minutes.

    Was the checkout particularly slow or was precious time lost returning the trolley to a distant collection point - next time just leave it where you are.