Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happy 100th birthday

The Parking Prankster's oldest POPLA appeal is now 100 days old. The Prankster eagerly raced downstairs this morning to see if his appeal had received a telegram from the queen, but she was apparently busy with other matters.

Last week The Prankster had an appeal assessed which was only 83 days old (48 days late). Two more similar appeals, filed the day afterwards, are still waiting forlornly in the dank basements of POPLA Palace. Adjudication dates are currently therefore all over the place.

The Prankster does not consider his appeals particularly difficult to judge, especially as in one of them he recently updated the appeal by filing a witness statement based on the witness statement provided by the Lead Adjudicator in his secret May newsletter. Surely this should be rubber-stamped straight through the appeal process?

The Prankster will wait and see.

Meanwhile, The Prankster still has no reply six days after he emailed a complaint regarding his POPLA appeal which was rejected. This is strange considering that the parking companies get same-day turnaround on complaints.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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  1. How do you check what evidence PoPLA.... sorry The PPC are providing.