Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pepipoo suffers DDOS attack

Pepipoo, the motorists fightback forum, suffered a short DDOS attack last night and this morning. This post has the details.

The web site is obviously getting up someone's nose, and someone has now resorted to illegal actions. There are several different forums, covering aspects such as speeding, council tickets and private parking tickets, which leaves a large field of possible Pepipoo-haters.

No doubt whoever it was will be unable to resist bragging about it to their friends and the culprits will become known in due course.


  1. Thanks for letting us know as the service has always been very reliable and we all like to do our bit to help the people in trouble whom we find on there.

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  3. Police - very doubtful
    Councils - only slightly more likely
    PPC's - well their whole business model isn't 'legal' so.....not to mention the attack coming on the days most Parking Eye and Civil Enforcemnt Ltd county court claims land on doormats...surely just a coincidence?

  4. You can't say anything for sure. Making it up as they go along is for PPC, The BPA and PoPLA. We are above all that.