Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BPA Sanction points, July

It looks like most AOS operators were behaving themselves in July, with only one instance of sanction points being awarded compared to the 13 instances in June.

If the AOS operators have started to behave themselves then this is a good thing. If the BPA Ltd have cut back on issuing sanction points because they are scared they will lose members to their new rival then this is a bad thing.

The Prankster awaits the passage of time...

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I wouldn't hold your breath.

    Can't see them biting the hand that feeds them, like PoPLA.

    Perhaps if they published who has committed what then it may carry some weight. After all, Parking Eye don't seem to have a problem disclosing the name of their supposed victories in The Small Claims.

  2. Wonder how long it'll take them to finish their 'investigation' into ANPR Ltd lying to POPLA, and how many sanction points they'll give them...

  3. I think that you will find that the decrease in offending by AOS members is because we at the DVLA have introduced a more open complaints process. Instead of pretending we will investigate and then asking the BPA Ltd to do so, we now simply refer people straight to the BPA Ltd - this is called transparency. In doing so we have also raised the bar in respect of the standards we expect from private parking companies. The threshold of offending is now significantly higher and therefore previous examples of sharp and unethical practice no longer qualify as 'offences'. We are happy to accept whatever the BPA Ltd tell us and we feel that this significant reduction in BPA AOS offending rates is a major success for our new complaints process - after all the statistics speak for themselves.